You have an angel that takes care of you: These signs show that a guardian angel protects you

Although it is difficult for us to believe it, the angels or guides that guard us are always with us, and sometimes they like to contact us to give us some type of message or simply so that we know they are there.

They always listen to our prayers, and even if they do not do it consciously or they do not pray because you have an agnostic belief, they are also with you and they guide and protect you. But today I am going to tell you several ways to intercept the presence of the angels.

This is not new, as these beliefs have passed from generation to generation as an urban legend. Apparently, the angels could get in touch with us in the following ways, keep reading because it's very interesting ...

* Forms in the clouds: through the shapes that draw the clouds, the angels can send you different messages, sometimes you can even see some of them simulating wings.

* Feathers: as strange as the idea may seem, sometimes you can find a feather somewhere unusual, the reason why the feather is there according to the ancestral wisdom, is because it would be the reason for an angelic visit, wanting make an act of presence so that you do not despair in bad moments.

* Repeated master numbers: guides or angels, according to ancestral wisdom, often use numerical sequences such as: 11:11, 3:33, etc. Everything is because they would have in mind to communicate with you to tell you that you are on the right path, and that your level of consciousness is increasing.

* Songs: If you listen to a song repeatedly on the radio with an unusual message, but that means something to you, it means that the angels want to tell you something about that subject in question that you are listening to.

As we can see, there are many signs that refer to how the angels communicate with us, so never think that you are alone because they always accompany you ...

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