The UN warns that all humanity will be cheated before 2030 and whoever does not want to be “Excluded from society”

The UN foresees that by the year 2030 each person will have a biometric identification, which will be valid throughout the world. The information of each human being will be stored in a universal data bank located in Geneva, Switzerland.

The top command of the UN
It was addressed to all governments of the world, letting them know about the issue of the imposition of the “Universal biometric identification” card for all citizens. “The new program is a model for the New World Order”

If you do not join these subprojects for these new global objectives, you will have to face some very alarming things, “the manager said in the letter, and the United Nations has launched this project to start with refugees arriving in Europe.

The system of facial collection, iris, biometric data, fingerprints, has been established as the only official documentation for refugees. The information is sent to a central database in Geneva, which allows surveillance to be established from there.

According to a report on the location of biometric data, the authorities expect that this technology will be used by all the men, women and children of the planet before the year 2030. This development initiative was originally launched by the World Bank in conjunction with the UN and other private institutions to obtain the “legal / real identity” of the whole world and have it at their disposal.

“And if someone denies this new system of” legal identity “, it will surely be declassified to apply for a job, obtain a bank account, obtain a credit card, opt for a mortgage, receive any benefit, etc.

When the time comes, anyone who refuses to follow the laws will be despised by society, “says Michael Snyder.” What the elite want is to certify that everyone is in the system, this is one of the reasons why they are carried out. more and more payments to society through mobile phones and cards and not in kind or in cash, “concluded Synyder.


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