Why does the Vatican hide the true history of the world before the flood?

For years there has been a massive cover-up by the Catholic Church to humanity so they generally did not understand that there was a civilization that lived before the flood.

The history of the world, before the flood was disguised and ignored by the Vatican, due to biblical ideologies and also as a way to keep the world away from the real real source, and is that humanity before the flood survived with other exotic species .

The real story was replaced by powerful forces that used academic articles to give testimony of what they wanted to show the world and thus distorted the story and that the real story was confiscated.

The churches were built on the premises that were once pagan to conquer civilizations and take advantage of the ruins of the pre-deluge. One of the theories about humanity before the Flood was characterized as Neanderthal humanity. Then we came back and evolved to our current human state; however, with the first-hand testimony, it was discovered that it was totally false.

But then, the core of this whole orchestra is the Sacred Catholic Church? Everything seems to indicate that yes, and it is not surprising, on the contrary, this is because the civilization that lived before the flood, was created by an exotic species. This is where the Annunaki come in, this spice also built an incredible variety of monoliths and very tall artifacts, which remain the same today and most scientists still do not know how they did it.

These extraterrestrials were the ones who created the first human beings, this is the missing link, and although the flood destroyed many tests, there is still enough evidence.

If the general public knew there was a previous civilization, the pagan sites that served paganism the day before the flood could not be controlled, and after the flood many churches were built, strategically created places that are an energetic access for the extraterrestrials.


Via: despiertavivimosenunamentira.com

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