Mensaje del espacio: Vídeo captado en TIEMPO REAL mientras hacen formas sobre plantaciones

The circles in the crops, circles in the crops, circles in the grass, translations into Spanish of their original name in circles of English crops, also called agroglifos, word composed of the Latin “ager”, “field” and the Greek “γλυφη” (glyphē) derived from “γλυφειν” (glýphein) “carve, chisel or carve” – ​​are circular designs of eroded or burned grass that appear in the fields, usually cereals such as wheat and corn.

The fanatics and believers in paranormal phenomena attribute them to the intervention of extraterrestrial beings, specifically to the UFO activity. There is no evidence to confirm this last belief, and it has been shown that those that have been investigated have been produced by the hand of man.

A pamphlet published on August 22, 1678, with the name “The Mowing-Devil” (“the devil harvester”) showing a demon cutting a large circle in the crop, is considered the first precedent of a crop circle . The researcher Jim Schnabel does not consider it as a historical antecedent since the text describes the stems as cut and not folded.

In 1686, the naturalist Robert Plot reported circular shapes in mushrooms, which would later be attributed to air currents, then in 1880 John Rand Capron described circular shapes that appeared in a field after a storm.

An impressive video, captured on July 25, 2009 in the city of Soligny les ta ta ta ta ta ta (France), and recently published on Facebook, shows the exact moment when two balls are magically formed over the plantations of the French city.


Known as “crop circles”, the figures on the plantations are produced in all parts of the world, they are a range of simple circular formations, with iconic and sophisticated symbols.

Although some people discredit the veracity of the illustrations, the researchers surmise that the drawings are messages sent by extraterrestrials to warn humanity about future events.

This is one of the few videos in which the images were captured by witnesses in real time, the French authorities did not comment on the subject.


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